Terms of Service

Smart ID Group Limited. would like to inform the service policy to be an agreement and create understanding about website usage.

– Before using the service Users must accept this service policy. The service policy can be changed at any time. Without notification.

– If users want to apply for membership, can click the button “Register” and fill out your information on the membership application form. Register process without having to pay fees or entry fees. When the company received the completed application form users will be able to use the service of anitechonline website.

– The membership duration is effective at all times no matter membership or cancellation. The company can cancel membership because the user does not comply or violates the terms of anitechonline website.

– Users are responsible for Username and Password must be confidential. User is responsible for the actions taken from the own Username and Password. If the company has found that there are defects in using the service The user is responsible for the consequences of using own Username and Password. If users use this service in an illegal way anitechonline.com reserves the right to cancel the username immediately if the user violates the rules.

– This website contains the trademark term “anitechonline.com”. Trademarks appearing on this website are the property of the company. No one else can use it without the permission of the company.

– Users agree that they will not commit infringement of their personal rights in the intellectual property of the company. And not against the law and morality that causes damage including conflicts in society From the content of text, images, still images, animation and sounds.

– In the event that the company has proceed your personal information in the delivery of parcels or other activities. The company will set agreements with those involved in the storage and security of your personal information. According to the data security agreement of all users.

Product Warranty

– The company offers product warranty depending on the type of product. Which will be determined by the company or the dealer.

– The warranty of each product is different. Customers must check the details of the product warranty they want to order before making a purchase, which can be found on the product details page.

– The company will exchange products for customers who order from the anitechonline website. products must have technical problems or from production only. Must not be broken from dropping. Being crushed or bumped and the power cable must not cut from cutting or animal bites or damaged by misuse, modification and various casualty.

– Customers can send product claims to the company address shown on the website, which must include a receipt.

– Can contact for product warranty information at 02-920-6262 ext. 555

– The company must consider checking before delivering new products to customers.