Whistle Blowing Policy


Smart ID Group Limited. Adhering to business operations with honesty and anti-Corruption. The company expects that its employees will perform duties in accordance with the above principles.

With the determination, the company has set up a whistleblowing or complaint policy to support and provide a channel for employees of the company to report the whistleblowing or complaint with good faith intentions if found (both appearing or suspected). Illegal Regulations and business ethics of the company.


Report clues or complaints

According to this policy, whistleblowers or complainants Can give clues about important matters Which may have a very negative impact on the company.

1. Illegal activities or non-compliance with policies

2. Violation of company rules and regulations.

3. Inaccurate financial reports, deficient internal control systems and false financial documents

4. Actions that are conflicts of interest

How to report clues or complaints

The company provides opportunities for those involved both inside and outside the organization to report clues or complaints regarding wrongdoing.

1. State the name, address, and contact telephone number of the whistleblower or complainant clearly.

2. Those involved both inside and outside the organization If found guilty, can report clues or complaints As deemed appropriate

– Consult the supervisor directly.

– Send Email to the supervisor or the managing director.

– Send Email to info@anitechonline.com

– Sent by post to Chairman of the audit committee or director of the company at the address : 

SMART ID GROUP LTD. 221, Moo 3, Bangkruai-Sainoi Road, Bangrukpattana Sub-District, Bangbuathong District,Nonthaburi, 11110  Thailand

Process to proceed when receiving a clue or complaint

1. When receiving clues or complaints, the company will assign the Human Resources Department or other appropriate departments.For gather relevant facts In order to consider and filter information received from the whistleblower. If checked and found that it is true. We continue to consider relevant matters

2. After the committee questioned has checked the facts. The Board of Directors has established guidelines for corrective actions and considering penalties.

Protection of whistleblowers or complainants

1. Clue informants or those who cooperate in the investigation of facts The Company will not disclose the name, surname, address, and other information that can identify the informer.

2. The company will keep relevant information confidential and will disclose as necessary. By considering the safety and damage of the whistleblowers or those who cooperate in the investigation

3. In the event that the whistleblowers or those who cooperate in the investigation of the fact that they may be unsafe can request the company to set appropriate protection measures. Or the company may set protection measures by whistleblowers or those who cooperate in the investigation, do not need to request if it is not safe.

4. Those who suffer damage will be alleviated with appropriate and fair procedures.

5. The company will not do any unfair action to the whistleblowers by changing positions, job characteristics, workplaces, work breaks, intimidation, interfering with employment, termination or any other actions that are unfair to the whistleblowers.

Report false clues or complaints

If the company discovers that giving clues or giving statements or information with evidence proves to be dishonest, false and damaging. In the case of being a company employee, disciplinary action will be taken according to the company’s regulations. If it is an external party that causes damage to the company, the company will consider legal action against that person as well.

Product Warranty

– The company offers product warranty depending on the type of product. Which will be determined by the company or the dealer.

– The warranty of each product is different. Customers must check the details of the product warranty they want to order before making a purchase, which can be found on the product details page.

– The company will exchange products for customers who order from the anitechonline website. products must have technical problems or from production only. Must not be broken from dropping. Being crushed or bumped and the power cable must not cut from cutting or animal bites or damaged by misuse, modification and various casualty.

– Customers can send product claims to the company address shown on the website, which must include a receipt.

– Can contact for product warranty information at 02-920-6262 ext. 555

– The company must consider checking before delivering new products to customers.