With a vision and experience of being a leader in the production of international electronics products for world-class brands for over 10 years.
With Bai Po Business Awards 2016 by SASIN
And 1 in 7 Best SME 2016 Awards in Thailand, including professional market expansion in Thailand and overseas
With financial support from shareholders of world-class companies We aim to bring innovative products. Quality and reasonable price to the world market
And ready to provide services with high quality production and logistics expertise and high product quality inspection standards

The company is determined to be a leader in the distribution of quality products. That can enhance the quality of daily life of people in Southeast Asia Through research and effective product design Through the systematic management process by a professional team

Our Work

Currently, Smart ID Group Co., Ltd. (Smart ID Group) is moving towards becoming a public company on the stock exchange as a manufacturing company. And sells leading consumer electronics products under the brands ANITECH, NOBI, PENTAGONZ. Meet international standards The company has a modern management system. It is a clear system through the use of ERP systems and there are various benefits for employees to work in a semi-Startup atmosphere like a new generation that is modern but full of efficiency.